Sunday, February 27, 2011

My Baby is Home!

 Aunt Jenny took Cortney to Nana and Papa Kinville's house to spend the weekend so Chris and I had a 2 1/2 day date!  We had a lot of fun!

Friday night we went to a sushi place called Red Ginger Bristo, that was very yummy and affordable - would be more affordable if we went with more people though.  Anyway then we saw the movie Unknown with some gift certificates we got for Christmas.  It had a couple twists to it and it ended up being better than we thought it would.

Saturday morning I went to Chris's basketball game - which turned into two games in a row, he was really tired afterward.  But he played really well and never missed a free throw!  On our way home we wanted to stop by walmart but on the way there we saw an accident that was only about 3 cars in front of us.  It was crazy - we saw the wheel that flew off and bounced past us.  Chris got out to help because at one time he was an EMT, and he also taught CPR.  So as I was sitting there waiting for him - I saw 2 other cars run red lights - driving right past the accident.  Those people were crazy.

At walmart we got some amazing deals - I got these outfits for 1 dollar each!  Only one dollar it was amazing so I got one of every color that had it in Cortney's size:

 Then I found these jackets for Chris that were only 3 dollars apiece!  Too bad they didn't have any of the sale items in my size!
That night we went to Trafalga in Orem with Chris's Sister Kim and her date Jon.
 When we first got there we saw a worker throw a whole bunch of tickets away in a garbage can so chris went dumpster diving and got the out.  We got 37 tickets out of it!
 We went mini golfing a whole lot!  We probably golfed the equivalent of about 6 or 7 games!  We got pretty good at it by the end.
 This is a picture of all of us together - Kim and Jon are on the left, it was a lot of fun!
 Chris and I played Area 51, and you will never guess who!  I kicked trash, it was pretty much amazing!

Chris really liked playing the Deer Hunter Game, and he was pretty good at it too!  The next picture is the loot we got with all our tickets, we only got 239 so it didn't get much, but candy is always good!

 We got the package that comes with dinner and everything so we got dip n dots to go with it!  Chris got the rainbow kind and I got cookie dough...

 While golfing hole 9 I found out a secret about it by accident but it is actually pretty cool.  I'm not going to say what it is, but when Chris used the secret he got a hole in one, so not bad.
 This is what hole 9 looks like...
We ended up staying out late, we didn't get home until 1am this morning.  It was the latest we have stayed out in a long time, but it was a lot of fun.  As much fun as we had though I am so glad my baby is home!  Nothing is  a better sight to me than her little smile!

PS - I almost forgot to tell you the best part!  When we played our last game of mini golf I decided to play left handed - and I was pretty good at it!  But the best thing was that at the end when i golfed left handed and got a hole in one and won a free game of golf!  They had ran out of tickets so we just got a whole bunch of tokens instead.  I was so excited that I did it!

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