Thursday, March 3, 2011

Oreos, Close the Door, Dirty Viens

Cortney did a ton of cute things yesterday here are just a few:

I asked Cortney if she wanted an Oreo and she thought for a minute and then got really excited and said "Yes!"  As I started walking to the kitchen she suddenly got really upset, so I just let her take my hand and show me what she wanted.  She pulled me into the bathroom and pointed at the Ariel stickers that she gets when she uses the potty.  "Ariel!"  She said, then she started singing Under the Sea.

I had to laugh.  This is probably one of the first times we have ever bought Oreo's in our house, we usually just don't eat a lot of junk food. But I thought surely Aunts, Uncles, Grandmas and Grandpas would have taught her what an Oreo was...I guess not!  She has been a very healthy eater lately, When I gave her mini nilla wafers and blue berries for a snack she ate the blue berries, pushed aside the wafers and asked for more blue berries.  Also ever since we made oatmeal cookies a couple weeks ago, she has been wanting to eat oatmeal a lot because she thinks it is a treat like the cookies.  She used to be a much picker eater, I'm glad she is starting to eat more, and eat well!

Close the Door!
Every day Cortney has quiet time, because she doesn't take naps, and mommy just needs a break so she can get homework done.  But she loves it, when she starts getting really cranky I will just put her in her room for about 20 minutes and she comes out as happy as can be.  I guess she is like mommy and likes her alone time.  Anyway yesterday when I went to get her out of her room I opened the door and stepped inside a little.  Cortney looked at me with big eyes and said "Close the door!"  So I stepped outside and started closing the door but then she ran over and looked at me and pounded on the floor where she wanted me to stand.  So I asked if she wanted me to play and she said "Yes!  Let's play!"

So I came back inside but I didn't close the door, Cortney noticed this and quickly ran over and shut the door.  I told her that I can play in her room and we didn't have to shut the door.  So I opened the door again, which was quickly followed by her shutting it.  Then I thought for a minute.  When Eve comes to play and I want both of them to stay in the room and play with me, I shut the door so they cannot get out.  So I think this was Cortney's way of keeping me in the room with her so I could not get out.

Dirty Veins
Cortney is very particular about having clean hands.  She defiantly gets this from her daddy, who likes to wash his hands all the time - ps no complaining here I think it is great! - well yesterday she had her oatmeal for breakfast which left her with sticky hands.  Even though she is getting better with the spoon thing, sometimes she gets so impatient she just digs in with both hands.  So she had me wash her hands after breakfast and as I was washing them she discovered her veins, I know this because she said "Blue dirty" as she pointed to them. 

I told her they were stuck that way, and it was ok.  Which probably wasn't the best wording because she started looking a little worried.  Luckily daddy hadn't left for school yet, so both mommy and daddy were able to so her their veins and show her it was ok.  During the rest of the day I saw her looking at them once in a while, I wonder what she thinks about them...

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