Friday, February 11, 2011

Week in the Life...Day 6: Friday!

Woke up this morning bright and early again, and had a pretty busy but fun day.   Cortney looked very cute today!  I love her little pig tails, and her bangs are finally getting long enough that I have to push them to the side because they just barely get in her eyes.

Today Eli came too.  he is Michelle's other child, that just comes on Fridays because he has preschool the rest of the time.  I didn't take too many pictures, because having 3 kids to watch after especially at their ages is a lot more than I am used to.
Cortney was doing something really cute today she was taking Bubba and Ming, her bears, and laying them down on pillows and giving them her toy bottles, it was so cute.  First she did it on the couch then on her bed:

Later I told her Aunt Jenny was coming and she was going to go play with her for the afternoon, this is what she looked like as she was ready to go, very very excited!
So thanks to Aunt Jenny I was able to get a ton of homework done and Chris and I were able to enjoy a nice dinner.  We decided to go to Golden Corral because it is only at buffets where he truly gets his money worth.  here is what he ate tonight:(And this is actually a little less than normal)

And because this bowl wasn't big enough he went back with a soup bowl instead...
I love date nights, and we had a lot of fun people watching - one of our favorite things to do!
Then we went to go pick up Cortney from Aunt Jenny, to see her day which I am sure will be on her blog check it out:

It sounds like she had a lot of fun, she got a new hat that she loves, she fell asleep on the way home, I looked in the back seat and saw this and just had to take a picture:
The hat is way too big but it is so cute on her.  She loves playing with Aunt Jenny, and we cannot thank her enough for giving us some time to just spend time with each other.

Then we came home got Cortney into bed, I finished up some homework, and now I think we are off to bed. We both have had a long week, and are pretty tired from eating so much.  So goodnight and talk to you tomorrow on day 7 - this week has gone by so fast!

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