Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Daddy Bear!

Happy Valentines!

Today Cort started calling Chris, Daddy Bear.  It is super cute, the first nickname she has given either of us, and we hope it lasts a while!

By the way last week while I was doing week in the life I was showing you what my homework note book looked like.  This is usually what it looks like by the end of the week:  (this one is from last week)

As you can see I really like crossing things out!  I get a lot of joy knowing I am one step closer to finishing this semester!

 A while ago I decided to simplify my life so i started throwing a lot of things out.  One thing i couldn't part with was my tickets I have saved.  I bought this frame at DI for 4 dollars(great deal, it is a nice frame).  I thought all my tickets would fit in it but this isn't the half of them.  The ticket dates range from 2001 to 2010.  (We haven't gone to a movie this year yet.  And there are some great tickets like Napoleon Dynamite, Inception, and Holes, just to name a few.  Next time I go DI hopping I will have to look for a bigger frame so I can fit all my tickets in it.
Valentines today!  Chris has 3 mid terms this week and I am swamped with homework and Cortney.  But not this weekend but the next Cortney is going to stay with my parents for a couple days so we decided our real celebration would be then.  Cortney and I made this today for Daddy Bear!  We used some of the left over blue M&M's from her birthday to write the letters.  I also discovered Cortney is a big fan of rice crispy treats!  She was a very sticky girl before her bath.

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