Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Week in the Life...Day 3: Tuesday

Ok lots of pictures for today!
Up at 6:30 again this morning and had a pretty normal day until Chris was about ready to leave for school.  Right before he left Cortney suddenly said, "A kiss!  A Daddy kiss!"  It was so cute.  So she ran over to Chris and gave him a big kiss!

After Cortney ate breakfast she went in the living room to watch a show while i finished up the dishes and clean up the kitchen a little when I came out to see her, she had moved the couch pretty far from where is usually is. Not sure how exactly this happened...

This is just another view:

A few days ago I was having a really hard day, sometimes all the stress gets the better of me.  So that day Chris brought me home some tulips to make me feel better.  I think they are beautiful, and they are my favorite flower, here is a top and side view of them.  PS - Chris is such a nice guy! :)

Here is a side view!

 Introducing Eve: 
She usually comes over Monday through Friday for about 2 hours in the mornings, then Cortney goes and plays at her house 2 days a week for about 4-5 hours so the mommies can get some school done.  We usually play in Cortney's room most of the time.  Cortney calls her EE and Eve calls her KiKi - it is super cute!

This is Cortney's little bed, she has been sleeping in it since she was about 17 months old.

This is her little quilt.  I found it and wanted it over a year before we were able to buy it.  It took a long time to find one I really liked, and since it took so long to get it, that it makes me like it all the more.

It even came with a little pillow!

Another view of Cort's room

Cortney is playing with her house and Eve is trying to push the baby stroller out of the shut door.

This is the other side of her little doll house.  It was a Christmas Present and she just loves it.  We have been playing with it a lot lately.

About 9:30 we take a break and eat a snack.  today they chose Teddy Grahams, they call them "Bears"

Then we usually color for a little while.  She got some coloring books for her birthday that she loves to color in.

I even color with them is the one I did today...

Side note, I spilt some candle wax on our rug last night when I was cleaning up the candles.  anyone know a good way to get it out?

Then we went back into her room and they read some books for a little while.

They also love to put on all the necklaces Cortney has.

Today Cortney went over to Eve's House to play so I got a lot of homework and housework done.  I take the last hour and go run at the park where I meet Michelle to pick Cort up. I usually don't run the whole time, but I have been slowly increasing the amount I run because this year my goal is to run a 10k.

As I was making dinner I turned the stove on and turned the wrong burner on.  I totally burned the box the noodles were in.  Chris is usually the one doing this, in the past he has burned my dish towels and more recently the cutting board.  oh well.  PS - at this point I was still in my workout clothes from when I ran and my hair is kind of a mess.

Cort loves spaghetti!  she always gets very messy.

This is what her face looks like when we pour a cup of water over her head to get the bubbles out.  Chris and I both love this face.

She has a couple toys we save only for when she has a bath.  Here she is playing with Superman.  while playing with him she even sings the superman song!  She told me that the little area he is in, in this picture, is his house.  She also plays ring around the rosy with him in the tub.

After her bath we get her in her PJ's and give her some milk and her honey bear so she can relax before we put her in bed.  I have always liked that she goes to bed with milk and honey every night.  This is Daddy and Cortney snuggling on the couch.

once she is done with her milk we read scriptures say a prayer - and brush her teeth when we remember, oops we forgot tonight.  Then put her in bed.

Which brings me to now.  Chris went back up to campus to get more studying done.  I took a nice hot relaxing bath, very much needed!  Now I am doing the blog.  Once I am done with this I will probably get some more homework done, then relax for about an hour or so before bed.  Chris said he would be home by 10, so we will probably go to sleep around that time.

Goodnight!  Talk to you tomorrow on day 4!

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