Monday, February 7, 2011

Week in the Life...Day 2: Monday

Well here is day two - a typical - but not so typical Monday. (Note - it is not letting me insert pictures right now, so I will put them in tomorrow)

Up at 6:30 again.  In the morning is when I give myself time to look at facebook and blogs.  I only do this for 20 minutes, so I don't get carried away looking at things.  Sometimes i look at them again at night, but usually not during the day.  So I do this until about 6:50 then make myself breakfast.  I would say all but 1 day for every two weeks I eat the same thing for breakfast.  I love my omelet!  I put tomatoes, mushrooms, green onions, and of course a tiny bit of cheese.  I eat it with a piece of toast.  Something kind of weird about me is that I like my toast plain, I usually do not put butter on it.  So here is my breakfast:


 After breakfast 1 of 2 things happen.  Cortney is awake in her room so I go get her, or I am able to do some homework before she wakes up.  Today she let me get about 20 minutes of homework done which was nice.  Right when I went into her room she told me she wanted cereal.  And she ate her favorite the Reese's Pieces kind.

This is Cortney looking at the pictures with "Bill" in them. 

Then we got ready for the day.  Most days I let her pick what she wants to wear and I think she did pretty good today.  She even picks out what she wants in her hair.  Not sure why she picked yellow, but it is up to her.
Usually Michelle comes to drop Eve off, but she got food poisoning last night so she decided to keep her kids home with her.  So me and Cortney had the morning to ourselves, very rare!  We made banana bread, and watched the Wiggles.  By the way she just started saying "wiggles" really good.  That is a hard one to say, so I was really excited that she got this one down. We also played in her room, mostly with her doll house today.  She loves when I play with the family with her, so we did that for at least 15 minutes.

Cort looking at all the ingredients.  She refuses to sit in a high chair, and has for some time.  Usually when she is coloring or helping me cook she stands like this.  It looks way uncomfortable to me.
She loves to help me mix it.  She says "Mix It!  Mix It!"
But of course becuase she is a toddler she makes messes, but she also does a very good job of helping me clean them up.  Sometimes she even finds places I have missed!

Yummy Yummy!
About 2 hours before lunch Cortney informed me that she wants beans for lunch.  So I cooked up some pinto beans with some spices and mix in some rice, and she just loves it.  She usually eats lunch right after Eve leaves at 11, then we snuggle and watch a show while she drinks her milk. 

Cortneys Lunch of Rice and Beans

After Cort goes down for quite time that is when I get to eat lunch and start on the homework.  Got a lot of things checked off my list today, which made me feel much  better.  When it was time to get Cortney out of her room Chris called and said he was coming home early to pick up his backpack and head off to school to study for a test tomorrow.  Since it had been such a nice day I decided we would drop Chris off then go to the zoo, since it is so close. 

It was a lot of are some pictures: (We go to the zoo quite often when it is warm so I didn't take alot of pictures of the animals, more of just Cortney.)

Anytime we go into the Monkey house she loves to climp on the railing like this, usually both feet are in the air.

I think is was her looking at the Gorilla, it is so hard to get a picture of her standing still sometimes!

So she is almost the height of an adult female!  Go Cortney!  One time we came to the zoo with Paul and Jackson when they were visiting and they did this and took pictures, so now everytime when we go to the zoo she has to stand by the wall.
We took this picture up by the tigers - one of Cortneys favorites.  It is a pretty good pictures because we are both smiling, it is too bad her coat got in the way.
We sat here for almost 5 minutes so Cort coule "pet" the tigers.
All in all I think she had a fun time at the zoo!

It started snowing a little so we decided to go home.  We were not home 15 minutes before the power went out and stayed that way for a little over 2 hours.

I had just gotten dinner in the oven when it turned off, so that was a lot of fun.  Cortney was watching the Wiggles when it turned off, I turned it on so I could prepare dinner.  She told me that she wanted to turn it back on and I told her "The wiggles is all gone, we cant watch it right now."  She totally freaked out, poor choice of words on my part.

So we lit some candles so calm her down a little bit.  I told her they were too hot to touch, so Cort started blowing on them to cool them down - cute!  The pictures are a little blurry because I took them without the flash on so you can see how dark it was.

Cortney loved the candles so much.  There were red, yellow, and orange ones and the reds were her favorites, now if there had been blue ones then it would have been a different story.

It got dark pretty fast.
I had Christ bring home some pizza since our dinner was in the oven whent the electricity out and was no where ready to eat.  Cortney loves pizza, she got very excited when I told her daddy was bringing some home with him.
Then after Cortney went to bed we played a candle lit game of uno - which is actually alot harder than it seems.  It is so hard to tell the difference between blue and green.  But we played a couple rounds, then when we decided it was going to be our last one the lights came on. So we finsihed that round and watched a couple episodes of the office before heading to bed.

See you tomorrow!

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