Sunday, February 6, 2011

Week in the Life...Day 1: Sunday

This week my sister and I are doing this thing where we take pictures of things we do during the week, I guess to show y'all what our lives are like right now.  So here is my typical Sunday:

Wake up 6:30 am, because I always wake up that early.  There is no way I can be a full time mom, housekeeper and student this semester by sleeping in.  Anyway got a couple things done then went and woke Cortney up.  Lately Cortney cannot eat enough ego waffles.  I'm talking like 3 a day along with everything else she eats.  Anyway that is what she ate for breakfast:
Yes her hair is a little crazy and yes that is a screw driver in her hand.  When she eats waffles I let her walk around, that might be why she likes eating them so much.  Did I mention she knows the difference between a Phillips and a Flathead?  Yup that is my little girl!

Anyway next I get her dressed, which includes brushing her teeth, doing her hair and putting lotion on.  One time she saw me putting lotion on and now she has to do it every time, she loves it!  So today right after she got ready she found a book and brought it to her car to read it:

As you will see, most of my pictures are of Cortney because that is basically my life right now, but I wouldn't have it any other way.  So church went well today, no big news or anything.  Fun fact: Chris rings the bells during our meetings, at which he says he is awesome at.  He says it is mostly due to his bass guitar training.  But I think he just becuase has awesome bell ringing skills.

Church is from 9-12 and Cortney's usual lunch is 11 and her nap / quiet time is 11:30 so by the time we get home she looks like this:

That is honey bear in her mouth, she loves honey bear, and has been sleeping with it since she was about 3 months old, so as you can see it is pretty torn up.  But it is really cute when Cortney is trying to find Honey she runs around saying "Honey, where are you?"  Notice also that one of her pig tails fell out, it happens quite often. 

Then we eat lunch, which today happened to be Ramen and Grilled Cheese sandwich.  One of the best cheapest meals for college students like us you could find.  It also happens to be one of Cortney's favorites:

As  you can see from this pictures she uses the fork - but not very well.  Most of the time she picks it up with the fork, then picks it off the fork with her hand and sticks it in her mouth - we are still working on this.  Anyway after lunch she is much happier and looks more like this:
Much happier now!  She has her cup of milk in her hand that she drinks while watching a show then she goes down for nap / quiet time.  Which is mostly quiet time, she has not taken a nap in a very long time, but she sleeps 12 hours straight through the night, so no complaining here.

We don't have cable, and since it was the super bowl Chris went over to his brothers house to watch it with him.  Cortney and I stayed home and ate an early dinner.  Then she had her daily bath and we snuggled up and watched the entire Little Mermaid movie (One of her favorites) before she went to bed.  It was a great night and I love snuggling with my little princess any time I get the chance.

After she went to bed I made my homework list for the week that looks like this:
Each line represents an assignment I have to do for a class.  I looked over them and the ones that take the shortest amount of time is about 20 minutes, while I know at least one of them is going to take more like 3  But because of all my hard work this semester I will be walking in April with my mom and Jen, then I will only have a 4 classes left to take before I graduate!  This semester has not been easy but I know the hard work will pay off.

The only way I get this much homework done is because of this deal I have with my friend.  Monday-Friday she brings over her daughter, and sometimes her son if he doesn't have preschool for about 2 hours in the mornings so she can go to her class at the U.  Then on Tues/Thurs she takes Cortney for 4 hours, sometimes longer so I can get things done.  It has been working well so far, and I have been able to keep my goal of not doing homework while Cortney is awake and needing my attention.

Well it is almost 10, and I need to wake up at 6:30 so I am going to go to sleep.  Good night and talk to you tomorrow!


  1. Sounds like you've got your hands full! You are a super Mom!

  2. Thanks! I don't always feel that way, but I try.