Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Week in the Life...Day 4: Wednesday

Well today started off pretty good!  Woke up at 6:30, had my omelet, and Cortney slept in until almost 8.  I was really excited about this and got a lot done.  I also thought, this is great Cortney got a lot of rest she should be in a great mood today, I couldn't have been more wrong, at least until after quiet time.  Anyway right after she got up in the morning she had to carry 6 little stuffed animals with her but she kept dropping them all the way down the hall.

I don't have many pictures today because it seems like most of it was her screaming and throwing fits.  She doesn't do it often, in fact she is pretty good for the most part.  but every once in a while comes a day where she lets it all out.  My first clue came when Eve came to play, she was very possessive of her toys today, and a couple times they both got in trouble for hitting each other.  Here is a picture that I took right before my battery died...oops that is why I don't have a lot of pictures today.

The big fit she threw was at lunch because all she wanted was milk but I told her she needed to eat something first.  I am talking at least a half hour of screaming her lungs out non stop.  In the end I put her in her room to calm down and when she did she came out and ate lunch, drank her milk and went back in her room for quiet time.

here are a couple pictures I took of her after quiet time when she was feeling a little better.

This first one is when she was watching blues clues.  She calls that little white chair her "thinking chair".  And every time the song comes on when Steve sings about thinking in the thinking chair she has to go sit in it.  Super cute girl! 
I ended up getting some good homework done.  It is interesting how certain classes are easier online and others are much harder.  I am finding it hard to teach myself accounting this semester.  I am usually good at math but there are so many little questions I want to ask the teacher and I don't get a chance.  And it doesn't help that out of the 4 people in my group there are only two of us that get the work done, but I the other girl doesn't quite know what she is doing.  So most of the time it is just me.   Luckily the people who don't do anything don't get credit so that is good.

After her quiet time she was a perfect little angel - of course.  Good end to a pretty rough day.  It takes so much out of me when she just screams like that.  But she ate a good amount of dinner, had a bath and is dressed in her bunny pj's
Aunt Jenny bought these for her, which really fits because she calls Cortney her bunny!

Well the first picture below is my school list I made Monday as of tonight the second picture is what it looks like now.

As you can see at one point in time Cortney colored on the right half and the rest is a lot of doddles.  I also really like crossing out things I get done, instead of just drawing a line through the list I scribble it out.  It feels so good to get things done when I have so much to do!  I also do alot  of waiting because I have to wait for things to load online and such so I doodle a lot.  This really isn't too bad yet, just wait until the end of the week once I actually get everything done.

Well every Wednesday Chris has basketball so he leaves around 8:30 or so and doesn't get back until after I am asleep.  So I am writing up the blog while watching Arrested Development.  And after an episode or two I think I am going to get to bed early.


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