Saturday, February 12, 2011

Week in the Life...Day:7 Saturday

Up early again this morning!  I went grocery shopping by myself - it was a real treat.  I got to Wal Mart by 7:30 so there was like no one there and I it was some good alone time for me.  When I came back Cortney ate some of the blueberries I bought - that is one of her favorite foods.

Then I had a DI day planned.  Every once in a while we go DI hopping and look for books, today I was looking for a bookshelf but was unable to find one (even though we went to 5 of them) oh well.  this is Cortney all ready to go, all the way down to her boots and purse, filled with her play cell phone and play lipstick.
So we went to 5 DI's I found some great books for Cortney, and a couple picture frames for me.  But the winner for best deal of the day goes to this at 4 dollars!

Cortney named it Neno - kind of like Nemo but with an N.  I have no idea where she got this name but that is what she calls it.  It is in pretty good condition, and I think the sound will even work once we put batteries in it, we usually let her get bored of a toy before we put batteries in it - it is like she gets twice the joy out of it.

It even has a place to put her feet into.  She just sits on it and says wee!  All the time it is so cute!  Once we were done with the last DI I told her we were going to go home and she said "Daddy?"  I said "No, he isn't at home he is at school studying.  Do you want to go home?"  "Daddy?" she says.  "Do you want to go see daddy?"  "Yes!"  So we stopped by and saw daddy for a little while.

Here is all his stuff laid out on the table studying.  Then daddy stayed at school for about another 1 1/2 hours until we picked him up and headed over to the park.  I went on a run while daddy and Cortney played, here are some pictures:

She loves playing on rocks lately.  She sits on them and then tells us where we need to sit.  After the park we went home and had dinner, then gave Cort her bath, I think her face tells you just how much she loves her bath:
So right now we are all watching Rugrats while Cortney drinks her milk.  Next we are going to read scriptures, say prayers, brush our teeth and tuck her into bed.  Mine and Chris's plans tonight include watching a movie my sister lent to us and we haven't gotten a chance to watch yet...500 days of Summer, I guess we will see how it is.  It has been a great week!  But at the same time it is nice that it is over!


  1. Looks like you had a full and productive week! I love that Cortney smiles for your pictures! Wish Ambrey would do that more. I LOVE that rocking horse! What a find!

  2. She just started smiling for pictures this week! (Good timing!) There is a reason we didn't get Christmas pictures of her this last Christmas - it was horrible, we tried a whole bunch of different things and nothing worked. We even tried different days, but she would not look at the camera or smile no matter what we did. But that is a toddler for you :)