Monday, February 21, 2011

Family and Friends!

Yesterday we had a fun day!  After Church we headed down to Spanish Fork to visit Chris's Grandpa and Aunt Jo.  It was a surprise visit for them, but it was nice to talk and catch up.  Of course Chris and Grandpa discussed BYU's football schedule next year.  Grandpa Nield (Cortney's great grandpa) had a lot of fun giving some M & M's to Cortney.  He just sat back and chuckled as Cortney's little checks got fuller and fuller.  We also had a small visit from Chris's cousin Hailey and her family, it was good to see them again.

Then we headed over the the Stevens house to have dinner.  Growing up I spent a lot of time with the Stevens because my best friend was their daughter.  Even though Brittany wasn't there it was still fun to catch up with everyone else, and the food was great!  Cortney had a fun time playing with Ryan and Emily.  She barely ate a bite all night because all she wanted to do was play.  And I even got to read a letter Kenzie sent home from her mission, I love the way she writes - just like she talks it was very entertaining.  And we had some very funny conversations!

I love spending time with family and friends!

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