Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Jazz Game!

Monday night to celebrate Jenn's birthday we went to a Jazz game on a double date.  It was Chris and I and Jenn and Stewart, and it was alot of fun! 


We found out Jimmer was there last night!  Although they put him on the big screen so everyone knew where he was and he was constantly bombarded with people after that.  He was sitting kind of across from us and it didn't look like he was watching the game at all, he was either on a date or with his wife  but everytime we looked over he was talking to her.

The Jazz won, so that was kind of fun.  It was a pretty close game up until the end.  But I used my "uniform" theory to guess the winner of the game and I was right.  They played the Bobcats and they had stripes on their uniforms that I did not like.  So in the first quarter I told Chris the Jazz should win becuase they have  prettier jerseys - and guess who won!

Jenn did her famous seal bark!

There was an usher there who looked like Santa!  He had one of those maroon jackets on so he was wearing red and he had the full out beard and everything, that was pretty cool.

Oh yes and in this picture Chris decided to show us all his bald spot.  Even though I told him it really isn't too bad yet.

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