Saturday, February 19, 2011

Play Your Guitar With Daddy!

Ever since Cortney was little she has loved playing guitars.  We got her this guitar at DI ans she loves it!  She loves it even more when Daddy bear plays with her with his guitar.  This morning they decided to play together so I took a couple pictures.
Cortney was so excited to play with him this morning, Daddy sat down in one of her princess chairs and Cortney had to put her chair right next to his.

She watches him very intently to make sure she is doing it right.  When they play together we sing "Play your guitar with Murray" from the wiggles but say daddy instead of Murray.

In this one Cortney looked away really fast, but I like how both of them are smiling!  When she gets a little older Chris wants to teach her the Ukulele, so it will fit her hands well. 

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