Thursday, September 11, 2014


It has been a couple of busy weeks!  Cort started kindergarten:

 My personal favorite below:)

Baby is growing up!  She loves kindergarten, it is full day at her school, and although she loves it, she does come back awfully tired at night!  But we are getting used to it.

Chris and I celebrated our seventh anniversary - wait, what?!  yup seven years, does not seem that long ago!  Still in love :)

I started student teaching which I love.  I have seriously the best bunch of little first graders I could have asked for - at least I like to think so!

All in all, life is good - super busy, but really good.  Feeling blessed to be in such a good place - and to have such good friends and family!

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So Much So Fast!

Things are getting busy with school less than a week away, I wanted to post some pictures from the last little bit before I got too busy!

First we went to a birthday party and guess who was there?! Elsa!

So much fun!

Cort had a gymnastics camp last week, that she LOVED!  Here is one of the pictures I snapped - I cannot believe how big she looks!
 We went to an Alice in Wonderland Birthday!  I loved that - Cort got a chance to wear my Alice dress from when I was little.
 Here is a pic of the birthday girl and the other Alice - it was cute because we had new Alice and old Alice - and both were so cute!
 We also went to a work picnic for Chris.  Cort got a face painting, this is the one she wanted - a couple seconds after this picture she accidentally wiped part of her forehead off because it was itchy, I am glad I got the picture quick!
Oh and I also became an aunt again!  She is a niece, and super cute!  She was tiny little Elliah Mey Kinville.  Pronounced I-Leah May, that is how I remember it anyway.  She was only 5 pounds, so little!  She looks cute, and it sounds like Jason and Shauna are adjusting well to being new parents!

This week I have been in my little first grade classroom I am student teaching in, helping set up and get things ready.  We got to meet the kids early today and it was fun meeting everyone!  Looking forward to a great year.  And I cannot believe this year Cort goes to Kindergarten!  Ahhh!  Since when did she get so big?!  Looking forward to back to school pictures with her!

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Coast Trip!

Day 1  

The first night we stayed at a hotel in Newport close to the Aquarium.  Here are some pictures from that visit!  Chris has more on his phone so I will add more when I can get them off of there and onto the computer!

 She was super excited to see the Jelly Fish!

 And we loved walking in the Under the Sea Exhibit!  These pictures were from the second time we went through.  The first time was early in the morning and there were only 2 or 3 other families in the whole thing.  We spent a good chunk of time trying to identify all the fish, it was super fun!
 This is how Cort feels about Eels - I agree!

 You could even look through the floor!

 Shark and Ray right next to each other - they were swimming right over our heads!

 Then we went to Mo's!  They put a shark on Cort's straw, and she loved it!

 Clam Chowder!  yummy!
 We stopped by and saw the sea lions!

We also went into all the little shops and had lots of fun looking around!  We next headed over to a little house we rented in Seal Rock, OR - it was cheaper than a hotel and super close to beach access, it was amazing!

Day 2  Beach Day!  We decided to have one day were we just stayed on the beach, it was so relaxing and we bascially had it all to ourselves, execpt for a couple people who walked by.  It was super windy and cold, but that didn't stop Cortney from having a blast!

 This little Creek was right by our set up, Cort kept calling it "the lake"

 We cooked hot dogs and smores!

 The smores went well with the shirt chris was wearing!

 We found a harry potter wand!
 And buried cort in the sand!

 She ran around with her towel for a bit, which was cute!

 And played in the ocean!  You can see how much she liked smores all over her face!

 Oh!  We also had matching shoes!  I found these for 10 dollars each like a year ago and cort just fits in them now!  She loved wearing them to the beach!
 Day 3  Cort really wanted to go back and see the Sea Lions!

 She loved them so much!  She even barked at the a little!

 She probably would have stayed there all day if we let her, but we had to go see the light house!

 It was super super windy at the light house, but it was so interesting to do the tour and go all the way to the top!

 It was here I realized I had not really taken any picture of me except my feet - so I thought I should at least take a couple with Cort!

 The light house tour was so interesting and I learned a good amount!  The guide said the tour was trivia based and if you answered a question right you got a prize!  Cortney was so excited about this.  When the first question was "Why did they need light houses?"  Cortney's hand shot up so fast and she got the answer right - so people can know where land is - she got a prize - a pin on button of a light house!

Here is the view looking up from the bottom
 Here is the view from the top - there wasn't much time to take a ton of pictures - but it was beautiful!

 Looking down

 Next we went to a little beach close to the light house and saw some seals!

 (The little bumps are them swimming - 3 in all.  One on the rocks and two in the water)

 The little beach / cove was beautiful!

 Then we went to the Devil's Punch bowl - which was cool to look at - we also saw whales while we were here, but they were so far out I could not get a good picture.

 Oh and right before we left the next morning I thought I would take some pictures of the house we stayed in
Here is the bathroom - it is at the end of the hall.

 View from bathroom end of hall
 The room we stayed in (view from both doors - first one is from all
 this one is from living room
 Here is the other view from that door
 Little dining room
 the door on the far side goes into our room
 hall from other end
 Bunk room - cort slept in here.  There was another room she slept in too, but I guess I didn't snap a picture of it.  It had a queen size bed.
 view of entry way - through the door on the far side is the bunk room

All in all it was a great trip!  We don't go on many little vacations with just our little family.  It was very relaxing, and did a great job of letting me escape a little anxiety I have been feeling about school for a couple days!  The trip reminded me a lot of when I was in high school in Redmond and we used to visit the coast - only this time it was a little warmer (usually we would visit in October).  And the house we stayed in, even though it was close to the beach, felt like it was in the middle of a forest!  Which reminded me a ton of when I was little and would go to Grandpa and Grandma Kinville's house.  After we played all day we would come home to the little house, start a fire, pop some pop corn and put a movie on!  We stayed at the house for three nights, and if we ever went back to the coast we would look into this house again!