Wednesday, February 16, 2011

There, all better!

Lately I have been trying to teach Cortney the magic powers of kissing things all better, and it is really working!  But tonight she did something that just made Chris and me laugh out loud.

When we were newly married our car was having problems starting - add on to that a Rexburg winter and sometimes it took about 5-10 minutes to start the car each time - since then we have had it fixed.  Anyway when Chris would be the one in the drivers seat and the car wouldn't start after a few minutes he would blow on the key, then try it again.  The first time he did this it actually worked so we did it all the time after that.  I think this comes from having to blow on old nintendo games to get them to work.

Seeing it work so well on the car Chris uses when I say I am not feeling good.  He did this a lot when I was so sick while pregnant.  I would tell him to make it go away (the sick feeling) and he would say, "Do you want me to blow on it?".  He also uses it when I have a bruise or a cut or something like that. 

So tonight i showed Cortney my owie - on my finger, and don't worry it does have a Dora bandaid covering it - and asked her to kiss it all better.  I'm not sure if she has been watching Daddy or what but instead of kissing it she blew on it.  Not sure if this was a one time thing but i just had to write it down on the blog - I don't want to forget this one.

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