Monday, August 8, 2011

Yellowstone Day 3 - Part 1

Day 3 we woke up and decided to hike around Old Faithful some more since there were not many people there yet. 
Cort was sporting her awesome glasses!  And we found a little friend on the path!

We decided to go up on this hike, Cortney walked the whole way by herself!  It was a half mile hike up the mountain the whole way!  She was such a trooper! We also found another little friend!

 View from the top!  This is another view of Old Faithful Inn, we stayed on the first level kind of down by the bus!
 Happy Girls!
 Dad at the top!  Old faithful, and a lot of other geysers are down there.

 Another view of Old Faithful going off
 This was a sprig shaped like an ear

Next we went to another place I believe this one was the black sand basin
I loved the steam
 These are some little holes that would spit steam out
 This is sunset lake

 Me by sunset lake
 Cort isn't in this picture because she was asleep, yay!

Next we went to biscuit basin

 This pool was so so blue I loved it!
 named very well!
 This guy was awesome!  We have a couple different shots of him because it was too much to pass up.  As we walked along the pathway he would bend over and stick his fingers in the poop and bring it up to his face - we are guessing he would just smell it, hoping he didn't eat it or anything.  When a geyser went off he raised his hand in celebration and really soaked in the experience...we even ran into him later and he got more interesting!
 He is the one in the tanktop and shorts!  I love his little braid too!

 Here he is sticking his hand in

Ok that is it for part 1, more in part 2!

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