Monday, August 8, 2011

Yellowstone Day 1 Part 1

We just got back from our Yellowstone trip and we had such a fun time!  After the trip was over I looked back and saw I took over 1500 pictures...that is a heck of a lot of pictures to look through, I promise I will keep it to a bear minimum (pun intended!) there was just so many fun things to see!  A bunch of the pictures are doubles but still that would be one long post - so I am just going to post it in different sections.

Yellowstone Day 1 Part 1

The Trip
Driving Through Bear World Take 1
Petting Zoo
Bear Rides!

The Trip!

On the way to Yellowstone we decided to stop by Bear World to get a close up view of some of the animals.   So we went through Rexburg -since that is where Bear World is.  Rexburg is a special place to us since that is where we met and that is where Cortney was born!  Here are a couple pictures from the ride up!

Wouldn't be Chris if he wasn't making faces!

 These are just a couple pictures of Cortney that I thought were cute!

 We had the cooler next to her on the seat and  we brought her pillow and blanket - she looked so comfortable most of the time!
We decided to stop in Idaho Falls and eat at one of our favorite places...Mongolian Grill!  Yum!  This is where we went on a date for our first Valentines day, and it is also the place where I got my nickname Duck - which is a whole different story that we wont get into here.
Drive Through Bear World Take 1

Next we went to Bear World.  For those that don't know Bear World is kind of like a zoo safari kind of thing.  They have a nice big area where they have all kinds of animals that you can drive by and take pictures of.  Some of the picture quality isn't great because we had to leave the windows rolled up, but I still got some good pictures!  Here are some of the highlights from the first drive through!

Some Buffalo...
 Mountain Goat
In this picture Cortney is holding a little camera that we bought her, I wanted her to stay away from my new one so I bought her this cheap kiddie one, and she loves it!  As we were driving through she kept holding it up to the animals and saying "Say cheese animals!"
 This is a white elk, they say they are really rare, like 1 in six million.  It is pretty cool, I think I got some better pictures of it on the second drive through though.
 Cortney taking pictures...still working on how to point it in the right direction!
 Here is a comparison of the white elk and the regular elk.
Another shot of bears, I got much better pictures on the second drive through, so you will see those later
 Cortney being cute!
 This is a Moose, it was super hard to get pictures of him.

Petting Zoo!

So included in the price of Bear World Price is driving through as many times as you want - we only did twice, a petting zoo, and bear rides!  You can pay extra to feed baby bears ( we were going to do this for Cort, but she was too young - you have to be 4) and you can also pay extra to feed the big bears on a special trip - we didn't do that either, but we did enjoy the petting zoo!  Good thing there was a nice place to wash hands before and after!

This is a picture of me and Cort outside Bear World.  My hand is that way because we were pretending to be bears.
 Cort Giving daddy a kiss, sweet little girl!
 They had a special place right by the petting zoo where you could look at baby cubs, they were so fun to watch!

 This was a peacock, it was so pretty I had to snap a couple pictures of it!

 For some reason Cortney loved petting the pig more than any other animal, by the way - that is just some random person.
 Cort found a peacock feather!  We let her play with it then we put it back where we found it.

 Baby and Mama!
 Cortney had a ball chasing them around!
 It was so cool that we got to pet them!

 This is just a shot of one sitting down!

Bear Rides!

I really like this picture I took of Chris inside one of the rides!
 Picture of me waiting in line for the train.
 Riding on the train - she is pulling the whistle!

 Cort and Dad on the train
 Daddy on the car ride...hehe

 This is one of those rides that go up and down - it was not very tall but Cortney just had so much fun!
 I love this picture!  Every time I see it I just burst out laughing - I love how unexcited they look!
 Mom and Cort making faces!
 Riding on the car ride!

 Utah Shirt!
Well that is it for Day 1 Part 1...more to come soon!

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