Monday, August 8, 2011

Yellowstone Day 2 - The Rest of the Day!

The rest of the day was fun!  We saw a wolf, but unfortunately I couldn't get to the camera in time and it ran off into the woods - after that I learned my lesson and always had the camera handy!  After Old Faithful we went over to the West Thumb of Yellowstone Lake.

We saw some Elk on the way!

 There are 3 in this picture...can you find them all?

 I love taking pictures of signs there!

 This was a random guy who wanted me to take a picture of I did!

 Another great sign
There was a lot to see there, and I wont post all the pictures and little geysers and springs, I will just post a couple of good ones.

These are mud pots... hot and bubbly mud!

This was a pretty pool

I just love the blue water and the contrasting orange!  We learned that the blue water is actually the hottest, at around 200 degrees!

This was a big cone...I love the name just so straight forward

Here is a picture someone was nice enough to shoot for us!
 Another sign

 This was a little map of the area we were at - every dot is something to see, as you can tell I really whittled it down.

This was another great sign we saw all over the park, we loved how the little boy was standing on it and how it looks like the little girl is tattle tailing on him.

 This was such a pretty place I loved how blue the water was!
Here are some shots of our room in Old Faithful Inn, we actually got to stay in the original building instead of the add on, it was pretty cool!

This was the pretty, so much prettier than the ones we have in our apartment at home, there is a close up of it below
 Cort and Dad playing on the bed, I think he was throwing her up, and she was just giggling
 we had this little vanity
 another view - it was just a tiny room
 I liked how the soap was shaped like a bear
 here is that close up - pretty!
After we checked into the hotel we went to a couple other places before we came back for the night.

We went to this water fall,  it is called Kepler Cascades, it was so pretty!

 Daddy and Cort by the waterfall
 Mommy and Cort sticking our tongues out!

 This was a really pretty place, it was right by that Continental Divide

 After this picture Cortney started running up that hill you see on the side, I love how she is pointing at it in this picture
 Mom and Cort!
 Of course she found the puddles!  Must be a 2 year old thing!
After that we went back to the Inn and watched the Muppet's take Manhattan on our laptop, great movie!

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