Monday, April 11, 2011

A Walk to the Park!

Today the weather was so good we decided to go on a walk to the park, we had such a fun time!  I took some pictures a super cute little video of her that I thought I would put up here on the blog:
Cortney found a penny on the way there, she kept saying "A coin! A coin!" 
 She loves driving at the park!
 This is a picture of her riding the dinosaur at the park.

 This is the park we usually go to that is 2 blocks away from our apartment, she loves it!

 She loves the X's and O's - she knows both of those letters so she loves playing with them at the park.
 She has gotten very fearless lately - she has been climbing a lot more!

On the walk home she was walking like this for a while, I asked her what she was doing and she said she was a dinosaur and then started growling - the video doesn't have sound because I took it on my little camera.
 For some reason the video does not want to load, so I will come back and edit the post and add it later.

This is Cort after she saw some bugs, she had to lay there for like 5 minutes and only got up after I told her it was time to go home and eat a grilled cheese for lunch.
I am so glad the weather is better!

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