Saturday, April 9, 2011

My Fake Graduation! Part 1: The Pictures! is not a completely fake graduation, I will be done with school soon, but since my mom was walking the school let Jen and I walk early with her so we could all walk together...can you say picture op?!

We had a ton of fun, this post will be all the pictures, and I will post some videos on the next post.

First a cute story about Cort:

Right before we left to go to Rexburg for the weekend, Cortney and I went to pick up Chris from school.  When we got there, Cortney got excited and said, "Daddy's House!"  At least we know Chris is putting in the time to get through grad school...

Here are a couple pictures that we took at my parents house...

 I like this one...Jake is lurking in the background...

Here is a picture Jen took of us in the car...

 Here are some pictures in the new conference center thing on campus - it was a beautiful building!

Cortney and her Honey Bear - looking at someones phone...  Oh and I am sure you can see her little boo-boo.  We were playing at the park one day and I look down and suddenly she had this big scratch on her face :(  oh well at least she is looking tons better now!

She fell asleep standing up during the commencement and just fell forward on the chair.  Mom, Jen and I were all sitting with the graduates...that is why you don't see us in these pictures, but the next one is us walking by.

I am not sure where we took this picture of her below, but I liked it

 Another one of Corntey

 Basically it was awesome because my dad was able to hand all of us or certificate holders - just holders, me and Jen wont be done for another semester or two.  But my mom will get her certificate in the mail in about a month or so.  We walked right next to each other in this order
Jen, Kim, and then Mom

 Mom getting her certificate
 Here is all of us with dad in his cool robes too!
 This is a picture of everyone from our family that came - you will notice that Cortney is wearing my hat, she loved it!
 This is Jen and my Grandpa, ok silliness aside he was not this grumpy he was just checking to see if the lens cover was off and that is when the picture was taken.  He looks better in the one with me
 Picture of Jen
 Another one of Jen, I got all of these off her camera - we just used video for ours so there are more pictures in this post of her than me.
 This picture is super cool - Jen really loves it so I thought I would post it here...

 Picture of me and Chris, making a face of course, something would be wrong if he didn't

Picture of me and my certificate

 Since we lived in Hawaii and had a couple of graduations there, we cannot really go a graduation without getting a couple of lei's, but we almost forgot to put them on, we only got a couple pictures with them.

 Another picture of all of us together!
 Picture of mom, yay mom way to go!
Cortney loved the hat, she had to wear it for the last couple minutes of pictures, we were all joking saying that she wanted to graduate too, here a couple pictures of her and the hat!

 This picture just about says it all!
So here are the pictures from Jens camera, I will post more when I get the video camera plugged in and uploaded, might not get it done until tomorrow though, for now it is time to celebrate.

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