Sunday, April 17, 2011

Some cute stories and finally the video!

Earlier this week we were sitting eating dinner together and Cortney started arguing with herself saying,
"Is too, is not, is too is not."

We started laughing and asking her where she got that from.  She didn't understand the question so I asked if she got that from a show.  She said yes, when I asked her what show, she said baby show (Rugrats).  We are pretty sure it is Lil and Phil doing it. "Is too Lillian, is not Phillip." Randomly she will just start arguing with herself, smiling all the while.  We are going to have to be even  more careful what we say now.

This week was my first week in primary as my calling to teach the 7/8 year olds.  Our primary is pretty small and everyone came in a little late today.  So when we were first starting opening exercises the lady said, "There aren't many of us here today so we are going to have to sing really loud!"  There were two boys sitting directly behind me, I am guessing 9 or 10 range for age.  Right after she said that one of the boys said, "She is going to be sorry she ever said that, I am going to sing so loud her eardrums are going to explode!"  Then they both started laughing.  I think I am going to like primary!

This is a video that Chris filmed for us on Graduation day.  It pretty much hilarious, so watch it and enjoy!

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