Wednesday, April 13, 2011

A Trip to the Zoo!

Cortney and I had a wonderful day at the zoo.  We are fortunate to only live less than 10 minutes away and we really enjoy using our year pass!  I thought I would put up some pictures from our little trip!
First off check out our cool band aids!  This morning I cut myself with a knife while doing dishes (oh to have a dishwasher someday :)  anyway I put on the nearest band aid I could find - gotta love the magical powers of Dora band aids.  Anyway, upon seeing that i had a band aid Cortney immediately realized that she had an owie on her hand too!  And not only that but she desperately need a band aid as soon as possible or she might even die!  (it was so funny)  so we got her all fixed up and all day she kept saying mama's Dora, Cortneys Dora! 
 Now here we are at the zoo, this ball things is actually pretty cool!  If you look close enough you can see the world etched into it!  Not in this picture but in real life - in this picture you can see the reflections of the clouds which is also cool!
 In these pictures she is laughing because she got wet - oh and why that is funny, not quite sure...  But I really like the 2nd picture

 This is a little squirell we always stop to look at, Cortney calls him her friend!
 Cortney being a monkey in the monkey house :)  Yes that is a "leash" on her.  Although I never really use it she just likes having George when we go to the zoo.  But to me it is kind of like a snuggie, I never really knew I liked it until I tried it out...

 She saw some toys in their cage and asked me if she could go play with them, she kept saying "Mommy, toys!  Go play?!"
 The elephants were out!

 Every time we see the elephants we sit down and have a little snack, this time it was cheese and crackers.

 She loves, loves, loves the tigers!

 We also had another snack of strawberries and whipped cream...yummy!
 She was laughing in this picture because she took too much whipped cream and she thought it was funny how messy she was getting.

 I like this one ;)
 This is Cort playing with 2 animal crackers she had, the momma and baby elephants

 This is her eating the baby one...
 We rode on the carousel - of course she had to sit on the tiger...rrrrarrrrr! (the sound a tiger makes!)

 This is us on the train!

That is a usual day at the zoo for us!

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