Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday to Mommy!

Happy Birthday to me!  I had a pretty good day!  It started off with breakfast in bed.  And since I don't really trust Chris or Cortney in the kitchen (Cortney just turned 4 and Chris has been known to burn Ramen) they made me a delicious toaster strudel instead :)

I also was privileged to do a newborn session today for my photography - it was so much fun!  And she was a super cute little baby - very little baby, only 12 days old!

Cortney gave me Hungry Hungry Hippos for my birthday...good idea getting me a game, I love games - but we might need to work a little bit on your present buying skills my love!
 I tried to take some pics of me and Cortney and she kept closing her eyes - on  purpose!
 So I had her give me a kiss instead!
 Chris bought me some pretty tulips - my favorite flower!
 And also Parcheesi - which is a good addition to my collection!
 After Olive Garden we came home - instead of cake I had cheese ball and crackers (kind of over super sweet things after Corts party) - but I only had a bite because I was too full from dinner.  It was still yummy and it is a treat I don't eat very often.
 All in all it was a pretty good day!  Now I am ready to enjoy a relaxing evening!

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