Sunday, May 1, 2011

Tulips, Tulips, and more Tulips!!!!!!

Tulips are one of my favorite things!  I'm not exactly sure why, but I just love them!  When I was trying to find a ring that I would like I had such a hard time finding one, because I am not much of a jewelry person, but when I went into one store and saw they had a tulip setting I was sold right away and didn't look at anything else.  So if you take a close look at my right you will see the little metal part that is holding up the middle highest diamond is shaped like a tulip, and I love it!

Right now at Thanksgiving Point in Utah there is a Festival of Tulips going on and I just could not resist going, especially after taking Cortney's pictures at Temple Square recently.  It was absolutely amazing!  There were so many tulips is was gorgeous!

Here are some pictures of the site itself:

So so so pretty! Here are some pictures of the tulips themselves!
 There were so many it was crazy I loved it!

 These tulips above were pretty cool to look at, Chris and I agree they look like a pineapple

 I really liked this one, there was this tulip in the middle of a whole bunch of just plain red ones, it was so beautiful and unique.

I loved it!  Cortney and Chris had a fun time too.  They especially liked feeding the fish:

Also in other news yesterday we went to the store and bought Cortney big girl underpants!  She was very very excited and she wore them today after church for about 3 hours.  She had her first accident, but didn't even cry, and was a big girl and helped me clean it up.  We put a diaper back on her right before bed and we could tell she liked the underwear better!  Just a matter of time!!!!

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