Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Birthothers day!

So every couple years my Mom's birthday falls on Mothers Day, and today is that day!  In honor of her we made up a new holiday called Birthothers Day!  It is extra special and just for my Mom!

For her special holiday she decided to come spend the weekend with us, and we had such a fun time!  Yesterday we went to the Public Library in downtown Salt Lake, which is amazing.  I love that it is my library and my family wanted to see it. 

After that we went to the zoo, here are a couple pictures:
Here is a picture of my little brothers in the train:
 here are a couple pictures of Papa, Nana, and Cortney on the train - the 2nd one is not as good, but at least Cortney is looking:

 We saw the babies!  So cute! 
 Cortney was trying to climb in but we didn't let her, you can see in this picture how the mama's neck is down, she was hissing at the other families, and even a little boy who sneaked in.  The little boy just ran out screaming:
 they came out on the street where everyone was standing:
 When they were out here a different little boy came up to them and the momma got really mad, that little boy was terrified:
 Nana Ryan and Cortney Rode on the Carousel.  Cortney loves the tiger, so she always has to ride on it:

 I like Ryan in this one
 Ryan petting his Panda Bear tenderly:
 Cortney is kind of looking at the camera in this one:
 The tortoise in the small animal house got stuck on the bridge like this.  People started touching it, and we felt bad for the turtle so we ran and found someone who worked there to help it down.  We found out that this guy weighs 450 pounds!  That is a big guy!

After the zoo we went to late lunch / early dinner at Golden Corral, where we were joined by Jen.  Who informed us " I did a 5k holding a tree".  Impressive, and how many people really get to say that?  It turns out the tree was just a really big branch that had fallen of a tree, but it was still pretty big.

Then following that we went to the hotel they were staying at to go swimming where Cortney had so much fun!  Jake wasn't out in the pool right away and Cortney kept pointing to every guy there and saying - Look its Jake!  Until she really saw him and squealed with delight!  She loved swimming with her uncles!

Needless to say it was a fun busy day yesterday and right now she is in the middle of a nice long nap!

Today is mothers day!  Happy Mothers day to all the mommies out there!  I am lucky I get to spend mine with my mom!  Chris and Cortney got me a bouquet of flowers and a board game.  At target they have these vintage game sets and today I got the vintage Game of Life.  I have 3 all together now, clue, scrabble and life.  They are really cool, you can set them on a bookshelf and they kind of look like a set of books. I also like to think that Cortney taking her nap is a good present for me!  Thanks for giving me a nice break on Mothers Day Cortney!

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  1. Wow. I didn't recognize Cortney. She has gotten so big, and she is so pretty.