Thursday, March 24, 2011

Weekend With Family in Rexburg! has been a while since I have had a chance to get on and post.  Last weekend we went to up Rexburg Idaho to visit family.  The day after we got home Cortney got sick and today is the first day she has been doing better. 

Here are some pictures from the weekend:
We played TANKS!  I got some pictures of the "TANKS! faces"
(PS - ignore the red eyes, we were down in the basement so the lighting was crazy and I haven't had time to go edit the red eye out yet)
Here is Chris:  Of course in his lions hat

 Ryan had a lot of different TANKS! faces here is one of them:
 This is Jakes TANKS! face - it is very similar to my dad's - even down to how their chins come in, and their mouths go slightly to the right:
 Another Ryan face:  This one didn't have red eyes - it would have been way crazy if it did though
 This is his real TANKS! face:
 This is Jens TANKS! face - even though she never really played - look in her right hand to see what she was really doing - it is a bowl of cookies and cream cake!
 This is when we beat the final level in TANKS!  Ryan and Jake did it, and it was the first time it has happened in our family, very exciting, every time we visit we always play TANKS!  and like I am writing on the blog we always yell TANKS! and say it in a very exciting way.  PS tanks is a game on the wii, from the game wii play
 Then Chris and I went on a date with Jen and Chance (it was a blind date my dad set up for her)
 This is me and Chris!  It was a bonfire, followed by seeing Tangled and then going to Dairy Queen.  We were the only married couple there, and it was a late night for us old married people :)
 This is Cort playing with Hans under the Foosball table I think she was feeding him carrots
 This is the pretty table my Dad made!
 This is my parents picture wall - I love looking at this and in the picture you can see Cort looking at it too.  We have one picture for every year they were married.  My picture wall has 4 pictures so far.  Fun tradition!
 Jake and Ryan were playing Elmo's song for Cortney, and she loved it!
 We also had fun with the fan and Honey Bear...Can you see her stuck?  Lets look at a different view down below:

 She tried to reach but didn't quite make it.  We turned in on and watched Honey fly...
 After Honey we decided to throw Ming and Bubba up there too
 The reason we went up this weekend is because it was Ryan's first time passing the sacrament.  He did a very good job!
 This is Cortney "flying" on the stool my dad made
 The stool he made is a copy of the one we had growing up.  It is on the right below, I remember when I was little this is what I would stand on when I was getting my hair cut from my dad.
 Cort loves playing on them with bubba and ming
 More TANKS! pictures

Oh this is my dads TANKS! face...I thought it was above but I guess not.

All in all we had a really fun time! I love spending time with family!

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