Sunday, March 13, 2011

Essay By Chris

So we have been going through a lot of things a declutter and we came across this paper that Chris wrote.  We are pretty sure it is a middle school essay because there is no way it is a high school one.  I laughed for like 10 minutes after I read it especially the conclusion.  Here it is word for word, and there are also some pictures of the orginals - his cover page is really nice!  I love the misspellings and the made up statistics!

Poems at School
Schools are wondering if poems should be taught or not.  Many people hate poems and don't want it taught.  Their are many other reasons why people think they shouldn't be taught.  Some reasons are, kids forget everything they learned when they are finished, all the paper will be wasted, and it is so much work that students can't finish other homework.

Most students forget the poems right when they are finished working on them.  A big reason for causing that problem is the kids set their mind on other projects or work.  Ten percent of all students forget the work they had done at school.  It would be a waste of time and only boost or drop their grade.

If every school did poems it would waste millions of sheets of paper a year.  The world already has enough problems, why start more.  If all the trees were chopped off the world would be in trouble.  People would be dying or roaming around the streets starting riots.

If kids are absent or forget to do an assignment during the time they were working on poem,s they would be in trouble.  They would be behind in all their classes, plus have the work they got that day.  Parents would be mad when they found out that their child has failed a ton of classes because they couldn't turn in their work.  Students would get grounded then be in a bad mood.  Then if on thing goes wrong they would yell and get in trouble.  Then the students' parents would find out and the student would be grounded and the same pattern would go over and over again.

Poetry at school will cause students to get in trouble, fail classes, ruin their self-esteem, and kill the environment.  Poetry shouldn't be taught at school for those reasons.


I love it!  I especially like how the teacher gave him a 100 for effort!  I bet the teacher was laughing the whole time while reading it, and that is why he got the 100%!  I also love how old school the printing job is!

PS - We had a great day today.  Yes we totally did not know it was daylight savings and went to church an hour late luckily sacrament is last so we were ok there, but Jen came over for dinner and we all went on a walk to the park that was really fun.  We even saw deer randomly walking across the street - right by U of U campus!  So random but really cool!

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