Friday, August 24, 2012

If You Give a Girl a Camera...

A while back we got Cortney her own camera.  It wasn't expensive at all, and she has thrown it a couple times and it still works great!  We got it to distract her from my new camera at the time, and it worked wonders!  It stores all the pictures in itself and for a while now it has been full and I finally got around to going through all the pictures. 

I wish I had done it sooner!   It was an unexpected and interesting experience!  I got to see from Cortney what was "picture worthy" for her.  The things she wanted to take a picture of, the things that mean the most to her!

Many of the pictures were completely black, white, or too blurry to even see what it was about.  I would say about of 1/4 of them (out of about 700) were of me - which was humbling in itself to think about - although most were very blurry.  There were also a couple of other good gems I wanted to share!

This was the first picture we took with the camera, I remember, she was so excited!
This was the first picture she took by herself..little blurry but I thought it was fun to remember!

 Her with awesome glasses...PS the next couple pictures (Including this one is from the day Jenn and Spencer got engaged!)
 Uncle Ryan!  (Pretty good shot too!)
 Half of Honey!
 Self Protrait
 She took this in the car...I have no idea how the picture came out this good!  Not really blurry at all!  I think it was on our yellowstone trip!
 Another self protrait
 This is a picture of an old chair we had...I miss it and this is a fun little reminder!
 Candy from Halloween!
 Toys in her room!
 A little dog from a block set Nana gave her.
 A Quilt on her wall
 A view from her old room... I loved those old wood floors!
 Ming and her Mama  - so cute!
 Ming and Magenta in her tool box - she calls it their "boat"!
 Audrey - one of her good friends from Utah!
 Jenn and Spencer!
 Aunt Jenny!
 Uncle Spencer!
 Joesphine - another friend from Utah
 Toys in her room
 Her pony "Orange".
 A view of a rug in her room.
 Her play kitchen sink
 Her old backpack
The last one is one we took when w got the I said most of the pictures of me were blurry, but this one wasn't bad.

It was so interesting for me to go back and see her little view of the world.  I copied all the pictures into a folder on the computer and emptied out the space for her to take more...cant wait to see what she will take pictures of next!

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