Saturday, January 22, 2011

Happy Birthday Miss Cortney!

Miss Cortney,

Two years ago my life changed for the better when I got to meet my beautiful little girl, you!  Getting you here was not easy but totally worth it!  Everyday you have been with me makes me a better person.  You were an amazing baby, and now even though you are in your terrible twos, you really aren't too bad - most of the time :) 

Over the last two years I have seen you grow so much.  I love that your eyes still light up and you jump up and down when you see me in the mornings, and sometimes during the day.  I love when you say my name and want to snuggle on my lap now.  Up until a couple months ago you didn't really want to cuddle with anyone.  I love playing the "I Love You!" game, and hearing you say those words back to me.

You are a beautiful little girl.  I want the best in life for you and I work hard everyday to give it to you!  Your daddy is wrapped around your little finger and cant help but kiss you all the time, and he loves it when you give him a kiss back.  We love you so much, and we hope you have a wonderful Birthday!

Happy Birthday Miss Cortney!

Love Mom

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