Monday, January 24, 2011

Cort's Party!

Thanks to Jen's Blog I was able to steal a couple pictures, but i am sure there are more coming.  This is the cake I made, it is of blue's head from blue clues!

We decorated with ballons and streamers.  By the end of the party all the helium ballons had lost their helium becuase poeple were having fun killing some brain cells!

This is when we were singing happy birthday to her.  That night she sang happy birthday to herself for about 2 hours before she went to bed!

This is me trying to get her to blow the candle out, but she decided not to do it in the end.  She really dosen't look that happy in this picture does she?

Ahh this one is better - this is more of what she looked like during the party!  It is just hard to catch it on camera.

Opening presents!

More presents!

Well enjoy the pictures I have here!  I will be posting more as soon as I can get ahold of Jenn's camera!

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