Monday, January 24, 2011


Finally after a couple days of contemplation we have decided to go with the name Gobias for Cortney's fish!  At her birthday party we played "Blues Clues" to figure out that she was getting a fish as a present from mom and dad. (side note: I really need to get the pictures from Jen's camera so I can post them here...anyway)  We were considering, Fish, A Fish, Mr Fish, Gill (from What About Bob), and Happy Birthday (that is what Corntey called it the day after her birthday).  But after a stroke of genius this morning we have deicded on Gobias!  I guess we are carrying on our tradition of naming our beta fish after our favorite characters from our favorite shows.  Our last fish was named Dwight, may he rest in peace.  We are also still trying to think of a name for his turtle friend in the bowl with him...

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