Monday, June 30, 2014

Kim and Derric!

We have been busy the last week or so with some house guests...they left a couple days ago, but I am not used to writing on the blog I keep forgetting to get on, but we did take some great pictures!

This one is when Cort, Kim and Kim went to Panda Express for lunch!

Here is another one, later that night we went to How to Train Your Dragon 2...somehow kitty was sneaky and got into the movie theatre :)  she thought it was pretty funny!  She is also wearing a skirt Kim made for her!

One day we took them down to Ashland, and went into some of the shops, Cort was having a ton of fun trying on some masks!

And hats...

But she only wanted to try on the pink hats!

Here are a couple of me and Cort :)

We stopped and drank some of the Lithia water, supposed to be healthy but doesn't really taste so good...this is how we felt about it

We took a walk in the park,

Derric climbed pride rock (he was very proud of this accomplishment - he climbed it from the side he is sitting closest to),

And we ran into some deer!

We also stopped by this theatre, where they filmed part of Arrested Development inside!

 Cort also wanted to pose with this statue

Cortney and Derric had a dance off, they were moving so fast it was a little blurry, but it was awesome!

As you can see, awesome.

And finally...the last pose!

Kim, Kim, and Cort went shopping at the mall.  Cort found this shirt and ran over to us giggling to show us, so we snapped a picture of her in it.  It is a picture of Chuck Norris and it says "Curls Bring the Girls".  Love the face!

We also went the farmers market where she enjoyed a yummy donut! We also went on the Harry and David tour here in town that was pretty interesting the same day.

And Cort is starting soccer next week so we got her some soccer clothes, she is pretty excited about it!

 This picture is a little bleached out by the sun but they wanted to make one more silly face before they left

It was great having them come and stay!  The last couple of days we have just been resting and enjoying life!  We also invited some people from the ward over and had an ice cream party, it was pretty fun!

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