Monday, June 10, 2013


Ok!  Whew!  It has been a super busy couple of months!  Finally getting a chance to sit down and write some updates!

Frist off: Chris Turned 30!!  Ok I know I am almost a month late about posting it, but like I said life has been busy!  This is what he wanted for breakfast in bed:  Corn puff cereal, toast with butter, and that is what he got! 

 I was very nice about the whole thing by the way!  I probably could have teased him a little more, but I only really did once.  On his birthday we were in the car and he was listening to some music and I asked him if he was listening to a classic rock station :)  since the songs were from high school.  Ha ha, made him think for a second he was old, but don't worry he is back to is old self now.  For dinner he wanted me to make chicken enchiladas and he had a cheesecake for his birthday cake.  Here he is making one of his faces:

Cortney has memorized all the Articles of Faith!  We have been singing them a ton at home and it has really helped!  She needs help starting them off, so she just needs a couple words but then she has the rest down!  We told her once she did she would get to go to cold stone!  She was super excited to go tonight:
I could not decide which picture I liked more so I posted all 3.  She decided she wanted "mini mouse" messy buns today!

 Hello!  She decided to get cookies and cream ice cream with gummy bears, m & m's, and chocolate sprinkles.  I think this might have been the first time she has had chocolate sprinkles because when she found out the even existed she was pretty excited about it!

 Cute pictures of Cortney!  I cannot believe how big she is getting!

This Friday will be her last day of Preschool!  She is very excited to be in pre-k next year and keeps talking about how she is going to be so big and in Pre-k...growing up too fast!

Cortney also had a big presentation at her school were they all sang songs.   I video taped it only to realize that I can no longer find the cord that goes from the camera to the computer.  But stay tuned she has a ballet performance this Saturday which I will also be taping and maybe I can find the cord between now and then!

I put this on facebook as well, but I really enjoyed a game of Monopoly I played with Cort recently.  She had so much money that she opened her own bank and then tried to convince us to use her bank.  Silly, smart little girl!

That is about all the updates I have time for now.  But since things are going to slow down here soon I should have more time to update the blog

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