Thursday, May 2, 2013

Cortney, Cortney, Cortney....

How about some updates of my favorite little mini me?!

A couple of minutes ago (about 20) I told Cortney I needed to do the dishes and clean up the kitchen a little, so I asked her to find something she could do.  She decided to pull out the old trouble game, collect her ponies and she is about half way through the game - playing with all 4 colors!  From the looks of things her favorite team (Princess Celestia, Twilight, and Rarity) are winning using her favorite color to use when she plays trouble, yellow!


A couple of days ago Cortney ran up to me and said, "Mom, do you know what it means to be free?!"  She sounded like she really wanted to tell me the answer, so I said "what does it mean honey?"

"Being free is taking off your shoes and running around.  Not having shoes on is being free and I like it!"  She is very much into explaining everything to me lately, and I love her little explanations of things!  She will have plenty of time to learn a deeper meaning of free when she grows up - but for now I am just enjoying her being little!


Yes...that just happened!  Cortney is a fan of the My Little Pony show, recently on Netflix they just posted the 3rd season!  Can I just say I might have been more excited than she was!  We don't watch TV a whole lot in our house, but when we do it feels like we are just watching the same my little pony episodes over and over again, so this was very exciting!

The last episode was a musical and Cortney loves the songs so much!  After watching it a couple times over about a week or so, Cortney and I decided that we would gather all the ponies she had and act out the entire episode.  I was amazed at how Cortney knew most all of the songs and script after only watching it like 3 times!  We both had a lot of fun singing the songs - our favorite is "A True, True Friend".  Never thought I would act out an entire episode of my little pony - but it was more fun than I thought it would be, and it made Cortney's day!


Quiet time lives on!  Since Cortney is growing up I thought maybe she would want a little less quiet time.  Quiet time is usually after lunch where she goes to her room to play for an hour - sometimes two if she wants to or when she is having a hard day.  After a couple days she asked, "Mom, how come I don't have quiet time?  I need it!"  Pretty much made my day, it is nice to have that time to get things done - and I love listening to her sing and play while she is in quiet time!


She is growing....and growing!  I cannot believe how tall she is getting!  I would not be surprised if this little one was taller than me by the time she is 8!  She just had yet another growth this rate she is going to be tall enough to ride Indiana Jones when we go to Disneyland in November!


The other day I was talking to Cortney's teacher at school and making sure Cortney was not overreacting while she was there.  Being 4 and learning you can do all these things by yourself is so exciting, and then finding out you don't get to do what ever you want is difficult to deal with.  And sometimes something as simple as Cortney can you sit in your chair while you finish your lunch instead of walking around can make her flip - especially if she is tired or hungry.  Her teacher assured me that she wasn't acting out at school, which is good.  She told me Cortney was very determined, but sweet all the same.  I really liked that!  I might have called it stubborn, but I liked determined much better!  Now if I can just teach her how to harness that determination to get her to clean her room a little faster...

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