Saturday, April 27, 2013

Crazy 5k!

I started running a couple months ago and it has been going well!  I use the word "run" loosely to mean not walking :)  But I am out there getting it done!  So about a month ago I went looking for a 5k to run.  I found this one that I thought would be fun.  It was in a state park, I thought it would be fun to run in the woods.  But I didn't think of a couple things first!

First off I didn't think about how allergy season has just started up and I have asthma - which makes it much worse...yeah running in the forest was not the best idea.

Second I did not check the elevation changes...super steep hills and the first mile was almost all uphill.  There was one point where there was a downhill slope and I was afraid to run because it was so steep I thought I would fall.  And right after that there was an even bigger steeper hill that I had to run up!

But alas, I made it through!  Here are some pictures!

 Cortney cheering me on right before the finish line!
  Still a little red in the face.  It was hard but worth it!
Now it is time to improve my PR :)

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