Friday, February 15, 2013

Happy Valentines Day!

We love Valentines Day in our house!  It was the first year where Cortney really understood what it was about and was able to get in on the fun!  When we talked about why it is an important day I was able to teach Cortney how it is a special day when we get to tell all the people we love that we love them.  We made homemade valentines and had some fun little treats! 

Chris and I decided we don't need to do anything too big on Valentines day because buying something huge or making some grad gesture isn't really what Valentines day is about to us.  We also make an effort to show each other how much we care all through the year.  Chris is great at getting me flowers on random days and helping me out with chores when I need it.  And I do little things for him too, so he knows I care - usually ends up me learning how to make one of his favorite foods, or getting him a special treat from the store.  (Chris totally fits the saying the fastest way to a mans heart is through is stomach)  So we just do a little something extra on Valentines day.  It usually ends up just being really sweet and sentimental.  As a family we didn't spend too much money, and I like it that way!

So first I found this idea on pintrest to do a 14 days of Valentines.  But I didn't really like all the ideas that this one girl had done.  So I snatched a few of them that I liked and went to the store and made up the rest on my own! 

I started this on February 1st, and gave him one each day!  Really played into his sweet tooth!  I gave it to him at random times or just left in places that would be easy for him to find.
Day one was Sour Patch and I said, We have been through a sour patch or tow but I am still in love with you!

 Day 2 was gummy bears and I said, "Life would be unBEARable without you!"
 Day 3 was swedish Fish, "You are a real Catch!"
 Day 4 was an Orange Crush, "I've got a crush on you!"
Day 5 Hot Tamales, "You are one Hot Tamale"
 Day 6 Sweetarts, "I belong with you, you belong with me you're my sweet tart!"  (we both love that song)
 Day 7 sinckers, "I love the way you make me snicker!"

 Day 8 was Nerds, I didn't really know what to write for this one, but it is his favorite so I just came up with this, "We are just a couple of nerds, and I wouldn't have it any other way!"
Day 9 Resses, "we make a great combo"

Day 10 Mixed Nuts, "I'm nuts about you!"

Day 11 Banana Bread, "I'm banana's about you!"

 Day 12 poprocks, "You rock my world!"

 Day 13 Martinellis Sparkling Cider, "You make my heart bubble over"
 Which brings us to Valentines Day!  The night before Chris went to play basketball and he usually comes home late so I don't wait up.  But this time he came home and got me some flowers and wrote little love notes and put them all over the house
 Here are a couple places he put them:  (Also the little valentine on the fridge is one that Cort made)

 Chris also took one flower out and gave it to Cort along with this bear!
 Cort and her crazy morning hair with her gift!  Cortney has been really into wearing Daddies shirts for jammies - I can barely get her to wear anything else to bed!
 I made pink crepes for breakfast!  Cortney loved them!
 And I also decorated her room while she was sleeping.  Yes I know what you are thinking and that is right - I did need help hanging the streamers because I am not tall enough - so Chris helped with those!
 We also threw some white red and pink balloons in her room to wake up to!
 This is Cortney ready to go to her School party!  Usually she does school MWF but they invited everyone to come Thursday too!  Our job was to bring jello - so I made jello jigglers with some heart shapped ice cube trays!
 We ended up putting them all onto one plate before we left so we wouldn't have to carry two.  They were a big hit!  Cortney was so excited everyone loved her jello!
 Since they had a buffet at school she wasn't too hungry for lunch so I made her a peanutbutter and honey sandwich cut into a heart!
 Chris had to go into work early yesterday so we picked him up early and went to Wendys for dinner.  FYI - that is where we went on our first date - so Chris wanted to take me there on Valentines Day.  When we got home I ran upstairs and left Chris to find this on the counter:

It was day 14 - another idea I found on pinterest.  Basically it says This gun is yours.  I have mine and half the other ammo upstairs!  Come and get me!  So we had a fun little nerf gun war! 
 Then we all snuggled and watched The Little Mermaid before bed!  Cortney was really sweet all day she was singing "Happy Valentines to you!" to the tune of Happy Birthday.  And at random times (more than usual) she came up to me and gave me a hug and said I love you!  I love that we have that relationship with each other, and I hope it is something we can continue to have (I know things might get a little rough during teenage years) but it is something I work on everyday with her.

All in all it was just a really sweet and nice day!  I love Valentines Day!   

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