Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fancy Juice Party!

After finding a book at the library about tea parties Cortney was in love with the idea, and since we don't drink tea, we decided to have a Juice Party instead!

The first thing we did was make invitations!  I told Cortney she could invite one person, and of course the person she invites is Audrey!  They have become great friends since we moved here, we are so lucky to have a girl so close to her age that she can play with!  Audrey turned 4 in August, and Cortney will turn 4 in January, pretty close!

Warning: there are a TON of pictures, I just couldn't help it!

So here is a picture of the fancy invitations:

 We used glue and glitter to make it super fancy, and Cortney drew a couple things, she told me that the picture by the teacup is a picture of Audrey and Cortney (I don't see it?) there is also a yellow heart down by the bottom and she also had to draw a line of blue - because that is the best color ever!
 We used some glue and glitter after we finished the inside to make a seal on the back!

 Picture of the font!
All morning we have been getting ready for her party!  First we picked some flowers outside - pickings are a little slim for flowers we could find close to our home, but we did find a few:

We set up her little table in the kitchen - usually it is up in her room.   She also got to pick out a table cloth to use and she chose one we used at our wedding.

 Here is another view:
 Here is a picture of the place setting - I tried to do the best I could, I even looked online to see the proper way to set a table!  I think it turned out nice!

Then Cortney got all dressed up!  Honey & Moose were also invited to the party (favorite stuffed animals!)  So Cortney made sure honey was all dressed up in her little dress too!

 She also put on her "fancy dancing shoes" as she calls them!
 Cortney also informed me that having 7 things in your hair is very that is exactly what we did!
 She decided the fanciest thing she had to wear is her Ranpunzel dress - which I am so glad I bought too big when we went to disney land - still fits pretty good!
 Cortney told me that this (below) is how a princess smiles!  Can I just say that I LOVE little girls!  They are so cute and sweet!  I am a little biased that mine is the cutest and sweetest too!
Audrey showed up and we had a "eight course" lunch!  I almost had as much fun putting it all together as they did eating it!

Their first course was some banana bread that I made yesterday!

Pinkies out!

 Here is a picture of them eating the bread, they used their knives and forks to cut and eat the bread!  Such grown up ladies!
 The next "course" carrots - I cut little tiny ones - I stuck my thumb in the picture so you could see how little they were - and remember I have really small hands!  The girls were good and ate all their carrots!
 The third "course" was strawberry rolls - which was bread that I flattened out between parchment paper with a rolling pin, then I put strawberry jam on top and rolled it all up.  I cut each piece of bread into 4 pieces and this is how they turned out:
 Super cute!
The girls talked about all kinds of things during their meal - and both acted very grown up!  Absolutely adorable!  They used these cute grown up voices and talked about friends. clothes, jewelry, movies they had seen recently and more!  Once in a while they would say something that showed their age.  They would say things like "did you ever see a curtain go down a toilet?!  Followed by tons of giggles.  Not sure where that comes from but it sure was cute!  Some of the pictures are dark - there are no windows in the kitchen so the lighting was not ideal.

The next course was animal crackers:

 Here is an Audrey shot of "pinkies up"!
 And another one of Cortney - cutest girls ever?!  I think yes!
Here are a couple more pictures, just imagine them talking their big girl talk:

On to the next course:  I put a couple things in things with lids - to make it more dramatic when I showed what they were going to eat next.
 This one was strawberries and whipped cream!
 Notice they have their napkins on their laps!

 Audrey showing me her animal cracker!

 Love this one of Cortney!
 This is the next course - "tea sandwhiches"  but really they are just peanut butter and honey sandwhiches - with little toothpicks in them!

But right away the toothpicks were a distraction and the girls had to clean their teeth:

 I know her eyes are closed - but still cute little shot!
Here are some of Audrey talking, she was very animated when she was talking -  I just love how grown up they acted!

 For some reason she kept blinking when I took pictures - but she still looked lovely!  In this one she was showing us her "fabulous" heart bracelet!

 This one is so cute!
Here is the next course - (If you are counting it is the sixth one!)
 A lovely fish, baked with cheddar and a light dusting of salt ;)  hows that for fancy?
 I even made some little ice they could have in their water cups - even though mostly they drank juice.
Audrey enjoying the fishes!

 Time for dessert!  The last course and the most yummy!  Not only that but there was another surprise on top of that for them!
They were excited to see what was inside!

They loved it! I mean come on - what is better than an ice cream sandwich heart with sprinkles?

After they finished eating the last of the sandwiches they had about 3 cups of juice each - they loved pouring it!

Then they sat down and read the book that started it all together :)
 They sat down in Cort's thinking chair together - Cortney and I had read it so many times she was able to tell Audrey what each page was about:

 When Audrey's mom came back to pick her up Paige - Audrey's little sister got in on the Juice Party and was even doing pinkies up!  (Plus just look at those big brown eyes!)
 How cute is that?!
All in all it was a success!  We will have to do it again sometime!

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