Saturday, September 15, 2012

My Husband the Actor, Tobias Funke eat your heart out!

So last week I got an e-mail from Red Lobster (We are on the e-mail list because of Chris and is love for seafood especially shrimp).  When I first looked at it, I'm pretty sure it was after Cortney had gone to bed and I guess I was a little bored because I thought to myself, why not?

The contest was to say why you are the Ultimate Shrimp Fan and then say how you "sea" food differently.  Like I said I was just bored and wanted something to do, in fact I didn't even tell Chris I had done it.  But here is what I sent in:

Endless shrimp at Red Lobster is an annual tradition in our family, mainly because of me.  I really cannot get enough of it, refill after refill after refill!  Best thing ever!  We also love how endless shrimp is always around our anniversary, we go every year to celebrate.  Recently Sept 1 of this year we celebrated our fifth year together at Red Lobster!  As far as "seaing" food differently I wrote a poem about the way I feel:

How do I love shrimp,
Let me "sea"
If they have a word
good enough for me

Adore, devoted, or love,
Passion, gusto or fondness,
Mania, or infatuation,
Oh where is that Thesaurus?

After diligently searching,
I have come to a conclusion
There has not yet been invented
A word that describes this obsession

 If I ever come across
A word that might come close
I will most assuredly
To the word disclose

How do I love shrimp
Let me "sea"
If they have a word
Good enough for me!

My Name Chris Nield
Medford Oregon

Please find a photo of me and my wife attached to this e-mail!

Seriously I sent about 5 minutes writing the poem, and all I did was look at a thesaurus online.  Really I just wanted something to do.  I mean come on, totally not my best work - some of the rhymes are not even that good.  Plus people can send in videos so I thought for sure nothing would happen...that is until yesterday.

I got on to check my e-mail and said I had been selected for an interview with the casting director at Red Lobster.  After about 5 minutes of laughing I was able to call up Chris on the phone and tell him...

"By the way honey tomorrow you have a skype audition with the Casting Director for Red Lobster to possibly be in a commercial."  Kind of an awkward situation especially because he had no idea I had done it in the first place!  But don't worry Chris was super excited!  Bascially this was his response...

I'm going to be an Actor!

So Chris had his interview today - was not really that big of a deal, and to be honest we are not expecting a call back or anything, it is just kind of fun to talk about.  In the interview they just asked Chris questions about Shrimp, it was only 10/15 minutes long.  But now Chris can say he has had his offical first audition as an actor. Oh, and don't worry his isn't quitting his day job or anything!


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