Friday, September 7, 2012

Cortney's First Day of School

Oh my goodness!  What torn feelings I have had about this day!  I have wanted her to go to school for so long, basically since the day she was born, but I cannot believe she is finally old enough.  She was so excited, and has been loving school so much!

The day started off with her favorite breakfast French Toast with homemade Strawberry topping.  She was so excited about it, and ate as much as Chris and I combined!  Hungry little girl!

 When went to a park before school and were able to get some super cute pictures of her!  First - I cannot believe how big she is!  And Second - I cannot believe how much she looks like me - it is so crazy!
 I did some pictures of her favorite things!  PS - Like my chalkboard I made?!  I made it from a picture frame - awesomeness!  Her favorite toy is Honey Bear - basically the fourth member of our family.

 This one almost made me tear up a little!  I asked her what she wanted to be when she grows up - a doctor or a teacher.  And she said, "No, I just want to be a mom, just like my mom!"

 This was her front door shot!  Love how she popped her hips out, she is so cute!
These are her favorite books at the moment, they change every couple weeks or so, but right now these three are at the top of the list!

Her favorite movies are Little Mermaid and Tangled!

 One of my favorite shots!

The first day of school I got to go with her!  Here are a couple pictures of the things we did!
First Cortney wanted to play outside, I didn't take pictures of the whole outside area, but just a couple of different areas.  Such a cute little playground area!
 They had this little fairy set up on the bottom of a tree, Cortney loved it!

 Inside the classroom - this is actually from the back of the classroom - the lady with the yellow shirt is one of the teachers, Jana.  How cute is this room?!
 This is a little magnifying glass connected to the board full of things to look at.
 Cortney looking at the snake.
 Cortney and the fish - they also had Toby the turtle and Thumper the Bunny!
 Here is the little snack table
 A picture of different "works" - it is a Montessori school so they are big on teaching practical life skills - but to the kids they are kind of just lots of fun games to play that teach them skills they can use in real life - we played with at least 5 of them and she loved it!
 The light table is her favorite thing so far, she loves it!

The first week is a little different than all the other ones, so instead of MWF she went on tues, thr, and fri.  Thursday was the first day I left her alone at school - but don't worry I didn't cry...kind of wanted to but I was just too excited for her!  She loved her first day, and she also went to school today.  The teachers are amazing - I think Jana has been a teacher there for close to 20 years, if not more than that.  And you can really tell she is awesome with the kids.  My baby is growing up, love it!

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