Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Cortney Turns 3!!! Tangled Theme Party!

Happy Birthday to Cortney on the 22nd!  On the 21st we had a little party for Cortney!  We invited family and friends and it was a Tangled Theme.  It was fun putting everything together, here are some pictures!

I cooked nearly everything from scratch, and I have to say right now I basically have no desire to cook for a while!  I made thse pascal pops!  They are the little chamelon from the movie
 I also made this donuts tower - with a candy coated ice cream cone on top.
 Cortney wanted cupcakes for her birthday.  I found these cute flower cupcake holders, and a great frosting recipe!
 This is my pride and joy!  I made this cake from scratch expect for the flowers, those I bought.

 Here is the table spread I had
 Love these!  I made them from scratch as well. they are braided danishes, I thought it would be cute because it was like her hair.  It is time consuming to make, but pretty easy all in all.  My dad almost didn't believe I made them myself!
 I braided streamers together to make a big braid that we hung around our living room.  took forever, but looked really good!

 Another view of the table...
 I also hung a few of these around the house...
 Her favorite part of the party, she tells me, was when everyone sang happy birthday and she blew out the candle!

All in all it was so much fun!  And I cannot believe she is 3 now!  I am amazed at all she can do, and how such a sweetie she really is!  Love you Cort!  Glad you liked your party!

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