Wednesday, August 27, 2014

So Much So Fast!

Things are getting busy with school less than a week away, I wanted to post some pictures from the last little bit before I got too busy!

First we went to a birthday party and guess who was there?! Elsa!

So much fun!

Cort had a gymnastics camp last week, that she LOVED!  Here is one of the pictures I snapped - I cannot believe how big she looks!
 We went to an Alice in Wonderland Birthday!  I loved that - Cort got a chance to wear my Alice dress from when I was little.
 Here is a pic of the birthday girl and the other Alice - it was cute because we had new Alice and old Alice - and both were so cute!
 We also went to a work picnic for Chris.  Cort got a face painting, this is the one she wanted - a couple seconds after this picture she accidentally wiped part of her forehead off because it was itchy, I am glad I got the picture quick!
Oh and I also became an aunt again!  She is a niece, and super cute!  She was tiny little Elliah Mey Kinville.  Pronounced I-Leah May, that is how I remember it anyway.  She was only 5 pounds, so little!  She looks cute, and it sounds like Jason and Shauna are adjusting well to being new parents!

This week I have been in my little first grade classroom I am student teaching in, helping set up and get things ready.  We got to meet the kids early today and it was fun meeting everyone!  Looking forward to a great year.  And I cannot believe this year Cort goes to Kindergarten!  Ahhh!  Since when did she get so big?!  Looking forward to back to school pictures with her!

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